Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A different kind of comeback

Hi There 

So it's been a long while since I did a blog post and shared some of my life with you guys. Since starting up this blog a lot has changed, I have completed my fashion studies, got a full time job in kiddies wear, found new interests and am a proud wearer of a ring on my left hand. Yes, being gifted with marriage to such a great man is simply the best. 

With all lifes beautiful changes I have decided to give this blog a bit of an update and begin to share things that interest me. Whether it's food, home, travel and lifestyle - I'll share it with you. 

A few months ago my husband, Andrew, and I were seriously contemplating immigrating. We began our process and we were adamant we were going to take on a new adventure together in Melbourne, Australia. But new opportunities arose in our home town for us both and we felt in our hearts that packing and leaving wouldn't be right. Since making a solid decision on staying, we have been blessed with a new home (you are going to be seeing lots of this), new jobs and a fresh outlook on life. This has all inspired me to share our home renovation with you guys (before and after), home recipes, events, some diy, and my general interests.

 I hope you enjoy all that I have to share with you! 


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